coda: a brief change in style

by dangerlight

Sometimes you are foolish and you let your guard down for just a second and then you are bitten: the teeth are tiny but sharp.

Sometimes you use internet dating because hell, it’s the 21st century, babe, so why not?

Sometimes you receive racist shit from other internet daters about the tradition of eating dog meat in South Korea. And then just like when this happened before, you read and you read and you read to mentally fight off the frustration. And you realize that the majority of your indignation is not that these people are viewing a non-Western culture through the myopic lens of a white-paranoid jerk, but that evidently Koreans don’t eat dog meat very often. You want to deny or downplay the statement’s truth rather than defend your people’s dying traditions.

And then you read that South Korea banned dog meat during the 1988 Olympics, right around your birth, so that Westerners would not be bothered by it.

And then you read people’s profiles that they would rather date within their own race and you frown and you frown.

And then you think about how you aren’t all that attracted to asian boys, or at least not very many. In fact, you vastly prefer to date outside of your own race. And then you wonder who really is the fucked up one.